Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Serve with little heavy cream on top .... it's sweet's creamy .... it's yummy ...:0


2 envelopes gelatin powder (14g)
200g sugar
250ml water
750ml fresh mango puree (add some lemon juice to make the mango not turn black later)
750ml fresh cream ( I use 2% milk)
To serve: with fresh mango slices and fresh cream on top
1- Dissolve the gelatin and sugar in the water bring to boil .
2- In the large mixing bowl stir together the mango puree and fresh cream .
3- Pour the gelatin mixture to mango mixture and stir well smooth .
4- Pour the mixture into individual dessert moulds or dessert cups.
5- Chill until set .
6- To serve: Dip the mould briefly onto hot water and invert the dessert out onto a plate or serve in each cup by itself . With fresh mango slices and litte cream on top or leave a jug of the fresh cream on table for people to help themselves .

Suggest : I cut some mango cube and mix with the mixture the taste will much better .

Recipe from : The World food of Malaysia and Singapore


Zoe said...

Wow...Mango pudding cu?a chi. Ngon qua' a` . Ma` chi. la`m co' ngo.t la('m kho^ng? Cai' na^`y gio^'ng ba'nh flan cu?a mi`nh 0 va^.y ? Em thi` hao? a(n desserts la('m nhu*ng em 0 thi'ch no' ngo.t qua' . Chi. dza^.y em la`m mo'n na`y nhen :-)

Ca'm o*n chi. nhie^u` .

Lily's Cooking Colection said...

Hi Vy,
Mon nay neu di an dimsum thuong co ban', no' mem nhu banh flan nhung ngot thi cung nhu suong sa minh lam mem thoi ( neu lat thi minh cho it duong ) nhung lam theo cong thuc nay thi theo minh thi vua mieng . Neu Vy muon thu thi minh viet xuong cho sis lam thi biet cai tatse no' ra sao !